Behaviour Change Intervention

 - Design and Evaluation




 Charles Abraham's Research and Practice

Charles Abraham has provided consultancy and advice to health services, policy-making bodies, private companies and the UK government. These include the UK Department of Health, the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Committee and three local authorities; Brighton and Hove, Southampton and Liverpool. He has also provided consultancy to Cancer Research UK, Alcohol Concern, the (then) Health Education Board for Scotland as well as companies including Unilever, Shell, Johnston & Johnston and Danone.

He can provide training, including workshops, on behaviour change and the implications of research findings for policy development and implementation, for example, in relation to health issues at work (including stress management and promotion of healthy lifestyles) or in relation to public health issues, generally.

He can provide advice on undertaking research to target policy development or tailor interventions. For example, he has provided training and research and policy advice to local authorities on reducing teenage pregnancy.

He can advise on intervention development, implementation and evaluation. Examples of research on intervention development and evaluation can be found here.

Some examples of contributions and products following from Charles Abraham’s consultancy work include

  1. UK House of Lords, Science and Technology Report on “Behaviour Change”

  1. UK National Institute of Health and Care Excellence – two reports on “Behaviour Change”

  1. Unilever’s Five Levers of Change