Behaviour Change Intervention

 - Design and Evaluation



 Charles Abraham's Research and Practice



1) describing and measuring modifiable processes that regulate behaviour patterns

     (including explicit and implicit cognitions and affective responses as well as social influence processes);


2) developing evidence-based, behaviour-change interventions that apply specified

    change techniques to (a) disrupt existing behaviour patterns and/or (b) establish new

    behaviour patterns;


3) planning feasible, acceptable and sustainable behaviour change interventions in context;


4) conducting evaluations, including process evaluations, of behaviour-change interventions.


I have conducted research on (i) preventive behaviour patterns (e.g., exercise, diet, alcohol use, smoking and condom use, mainly among young people), (ii) blood and kidney donation (iii) patient help-seeking (e.g., asthma symptom reporting and uptake of screening), (iv) patient assessment (e.g. pain measurement), (v) patient adherence (e.g., to malaria prophylaxis and anti-retrovirals), (vi) management of chronic illness (e.g., diabetes and heart failure) and  (vii) staff-client interaction (e.g., care of persons with learning disabilities).